I am a Presidential Young (Assistant) Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

My research group is interested in creating methodological innovations at the intersection of Bayesian Machine Learning, Econometrics, Causal Inference, and Computational Psychology to address challenging questions related to mobility behavior and the adoption of emerging technologies at an individual level and an urban scale. I am leading the Neurophysiology and Behavioural Science Lab at NUS and am a co-principal investigator of the Adaptive Mobility, Land Use and Infrastructure module at Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore.

My interdisciplinary research primarily encompasses the following research methods/models:

  1. Approximate Bayesian Inference

  2. Deep generative models

  3. Discrete choice models

  4. Causal inference in behavioural models

  5. Agent-based models

  6. Sequential sampling models

  7. Experiments via virtual reality, EEG and eye-tracking

The main application areas are (but are not limited to):

  1. Travel demand forecasting at an urban scale

  2. Multi-modal transport system

  3. Consumer preferences for emerging technologies

  4. E-mobility, micro-mobility, and mobility-on-demand services

  5. Automobile markets